CONTROL METHOD : HMI (Touch screen) & PLC program (102 storage available)
Constant voltage or constant current operation is possible
Digital STEP 20 control(Rising, holding, voltage or current value setting)
Precise control from at least 1% point of rectifier capacity
Product-specific programs can be used seperately
Store rectifier operation date voltage/urrent real time trend (1 year) USB 8GB
Check voltage and current change graph during rectifier operation
COOLING METHOD : air-cooled or oil-cooled
OTHERS : RS-485 communication & precision control method by DCS

Use constant voltage & constant current
Use up to 20 STEP settings ( 102 programs)
Excellent precision with digital control & communication method
Real-time voltage or current change value can be checked visually
Free setting of soft rise time ( 0~999 sec per section)
Skilled technicians are not needed due to using standardized programs / using standardized programs without the need for skilled technicians


The picture of the left is a stair- controlled rectifier. It is mainly applied to the aluminum hard coating method. Also, Constant voltage, constant current and upto 20 levels of control are possible.

IN PUT :3φ 380V or 440V 60HZ
OUTPUT : 0V ~ 80Vdc/150Vdc/300Vdc 5,000A ~ 18,000A
Control System : HMI & PLC 20STEP/102EA PROGRAM USB Memory V & A electric current trend record
RIPPLE : 5%(max load)
Cooling System : Oil-cooled
Aluminum anodized film electrolytic rectifier
Sulfuric acid : 200~220g/l
Temperature : -5℃ ~ +5℃
Energization time : 50min ~ 150min(35㎛ ~ 60㎛)