2017 DESIGN REGISTRATION(Rectifier cooling water valve)

2017 DESIGN REGISTRATION(Ballast Rectifier)

2017 Gimcheon Daeyoung Aluminum Asymmetric Coloring Rectifier Sold

2018 Vietnam Regional Sales Office

2018 Supply Large capacity rectifier for electrolytic copper foil to Kuching,Lljin in Malaysia

2019 PATENT REGISTRATION(high-frequency switching High efficiency transformer and its manufacturing method)


2016 DESIGN REGISTRATION(Rectifier module)

2016 DESIGN REGISTRATION(Industrial Rectifier)

2016 Patent registration(electro coloring system and control method of aluminum material using cross- flow asymmetric power)

2016 Vietnam's Shinyang Metals and Other Alminium Electrolytes Export Asymmetric Coloring Rectifiers

2016 DESIGN REGISTRATION(Rectifier main control panel)

2016 Delivery of Asymmetric Colored Rectifier for Gyeongnam Metal in Changwon

2016 Turkey CE certification(KSI205500, KSI2151000A, KSI2151000D)


2014 Developed and sold the IGBT 9V 50000A for the first time in Korea

2014 Sold the 270V 36000A Rectifier for smelters

2014 Developed and sold an 11V 2500A Ballast Rectifier

2014 Developed and sold a 12V 4000A Ballast Explosion Proof-typed Rectifier

2015 PATENT REGISTRATION(A compacted mass rectifier system)

2015 PATENT REGISTRATION(A rectifier system which is formed at trans part with multiple heat balls)

2015 IGBT Large-capacity Rectifier 50KA 8SET Sold - Samsung Electronics


2011 Registered a Water-cooled Transformer Coil Design

2011 Completed development of a water-cooled Waterproof Rectifier

2011 Sold the SK nexilis Rectifier

2012 Obtained a POSCO Turkish CE Mark Carried

2012 Korea national tasks-development of Manufacturing electrodeposited copper foils for Printed Circuit Board

2012 IGBT Ballast Rectifier joint development - PANASONIC(Accreditation of Environmental Testing by the Ministry of Transportation in Japan)

2013 Got approval for a Corporate-Annexed R&D Center from Korea Industrial Technology Association


2008 Application for a patent for an IGBT Rectifier 10000A

2008 POSCO EGL LINE(1,2) Gwangyang 1EGL Rectifier Delivery

2009 Selected as an INNO-BIZ, an innovative technology SME

2009 Obtained a Quality Management System certificate

2010 Sold a ZPSS Rectifier to a Chinese company

2010 Sold the Iljin Materials Rectifier

2010 Awarded 1 Million Dollar an Export Tower award


2000 Converted to incorporation of going business - KooSoo Heavy Electric Co,.Ltd

2000 Obtained an ISO 9001 certificate - from Korea Electronics Technology Institute(KETI)

2001 Establishment of Technology Research Institute

2005 Application for a patent for an IGBT Rectifier 5000A

2005 Selected as a Promising Small and Me야um Enterprise of Gyeonggi Province

2005 Signed a technology partnership contract with a Chinese company

2007 Selected as an INNO-BIZ company


1992 Developed a Duty Pulse Rectifier for the first time in Korea

1994 Expanded the factory and transferred to Sihwa Industrial Complex, Gyeonggi Province, a current company location (Area:1,060 pyong.)

1996 Developed a PWM-typed IGBT Rectifier


1984 Founded KooSoo Electric Company - in the Machine Tool Shopping Mall situated at Guri-dong, Seoul

1990 Expanded the factory and transferred to Garibong-dong, Seoul

1990 Selescted as a Promising Small and Medium Enterprise

1991 Developed an AC/DC Color Rectifier

SINCE 1984

Founded KooSoo Electric Company